We buy-sell-trade used intermodal container handling equipment. We offer teardown-assembly-transport and all-in relocation services.

About Us

In 1985, Dennis Connors founded The International Equipment Exchange, Inc. This firm was specifically set up to facilitate offshore trade in used forklift trucks.

Mr. Connors, with almost twenty years in the industrial truck industry, has experience at top levels of dealer, distributor and factory management, including national sales management for a major import lift truck manufacturer. A unique understanding of the industry combined with international contacts, provide direction and expertise.

After a successful start with far east lift truck vendors ” The Exchange” looked to Europe as the leading manufacturer of larger and specialized forkifts. Of particular interest were the container handling top picks and reachstackers being developed.

In the 1990’s we continued to grow in this area and have become a leading used equipment authority in North America, devoted exclusively to forklifts over 15 tons and specializing in container handling equipment.

We buy, sell, rent and lease all popular container equipment manufacturer’s products, such as: Taylor, Hyster, Kalmar, Caterpillar, Fantuzzi, PPM, Paceco, Mi-Jack, and Ottawa, to name a few.

The types of used products we deal in are generally difficult to source. We are well networked and keep tuned to the “big” forklift news everyday, constantly looking for good quality resale values.

We market in the port business, intermodal operations, railroads, steel, pipe, concrete manufacturing, lumber and heavy lift requirements.

Our efforts have been rewarded with a growing group of satisfied customers who want the most for their money.

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