We buy-sell-trade used intermodal container handling equipment. We offer teardown-assembly-transport and all-in relocation services.


Q. Is this used container handling equipment available right now?
A. Yes! All for sale inventory can be shipped immediately.

Q.How do I know this used container handling equipment will work for me?
A.You can benefit from IEEs years of experience with users in North and South America. We have most equipment specifications on file for you.

Q. What kind of condition is this used equipment in?
A. Our policy is to provide “ready to work without major problems” machinery. We warrant you get what you agree to purchase.

Q. How can we be assured the machine is as represented?
A. IEE encourages and arranges buyers inspection or an independent survey.

Q. Can we check IEEs reputation in this business?
A. Of course! IEE will gladly provide industry references for you.

Q. Where are these used container handlers located?
A. IEE has inventory stored at various North American locations in an effort to keep transport as a one time cost.

Q. How do we get these large machines to my place of business?
A. IEE can help you locate the best transport in trucking,ocean transport or rail.We also offer turnkey delivery and assembly.

Q. Who takes the equipment apart for shipping?
A. IEE can provide disassembly tailored to your choice of transport. We can supervise installation.

Q. Are parts available for the equipment you sell?
A. Absolutely! And if you have problems sourcing parts for your product we’ll be pleased to supply parts for you. We back you up.

Q. What do used container handlers cost?
A. IEE sells reliable used container handlers for a fraction of new cost which today is over a half million dollars. We can save you money!

Q. How do we get a proposal from you?
A. Just fill in the request for quote form or give us a call at (910) 763 4007 for a prompt response.

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